Any adult age 18 or over can become a Civil Air Patrol senior officer. Applications are signed by the unit commander, and sent to national headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base along with a fingerprint card after you have attended a minimum of three meetings. For the protection of our cadets and other members, all incoming senior officers must pass a federal background check. Although membership in the Civil Air Patrol is selective, discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin or disability is prohibited by CAP policy as well as laws and directives governing federally-assisted organizations. Civil Air Patrol policy further prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and religion.

The Civil Air Patrol senior officer program is the heart of the squadron. Officers make up the unit command staff, ground team leaders, pilots, chaplains, finance officers, and many other key positions that keep the squadron running. Many senior officers are former military members who want to continue to serve their country after completing active duty or reserve duty.

In addition to running our squadrons, groups, and wings, senior officers have many professional development opportunities. Those include, but are not limited to:

• Squadron Leadership School

• Unit Commanders Course, Corporate Learning Course

• Region Staff College, National Staff College

The Civil Air Patrol Senior Officer Program is exciting and rewarding! Find out more by contacting your local unit commander, or by visiting this website.

Senior Member Welcome Booklet

Senior Members Fast Start Handbook

Parent's Guide and Information